• The Funny Thing Is Haiku Print by Lori Hetteen

The Funny Thing Is Art Print by Lori Hetteen

"Haiku(ish) hand-lettered prints take the basic form of a Haiku poem (a five syllable first line, a seven syllable second line, and another five syllable line to close it out), but subtract any resemblance to the gorgeous nature-inspired words of the Japanese art form, and sprinkle in some nonsense and a bunch of poetic license. We take ourselves very seriously. Obviously."
  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Horizontally-oriented
  • Printed on lovely matte paper

The Funny Thing Is Haiku Print by Lori Hetteen

Get to Know the Maker: Lori Hetteen

Lori is a self-proclaimed lover of craftiness, tulips, fireflies, black coffee, low humidity, and bright colors. She's not a fan of peas, big snakes, little snakes, or medium sized snakes. Her heart belongs to her husband, her four kids and, foremost, Jesus Christ.