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Two Centuries of Panoramic Wallpaper

Luxurious homes featuring woodblock printed panoramic wallpapers from the premier French manufacturer Zuber & Cie.

Lavishly illustrated with glorious photographs taken in largely private interiors, this book provides access to a storied world few readers may ever glimpse. Since its founding in 1797, Zuber & Cie wallpapers’ fame has spread far and wide, from King Louis Philippe awarding Jean Zuber the Legion of Honor in 1834 to Jackie Kennedy installing Zuber’s “Vues de l'Amérique du Nord” in the White House. According to France Today, the company still uses the same antique woodblocks, the same paint formulas, and the same time-honored processes to create its stunning wallpapers as it did in Jean Zuber’s time. Gorgeous displays of friezes, borders, ceiling roses and architectural trompe l’oeil, have been photographed for Zuber in homes in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

  • Hardcover
  • Size: 10.5" x 13.4" x 1.2"
  • 280 pages
  • Published by Gibbs Smith
  • Written by Brian D. Coleman

Zuber: Two Centuries of Panoramic Wallpaper by Brian D. Coleman