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The Art Of The Handwritten Note

The Art Of The Handwritten Note

In this era of text and email being used for even the most sensitive of moments (eeeek), there is nothing like receiving a real card in the mail, or finding one atop your desk or pillow.A great card makes it clear someone stopped their world and took notice of you - and that they also set aside a...
an intentional, unforgettable summer-Read Between The Lines®

An Intentional, Unforgettable Summer

I peered out on my garden, each of us struggling to accommodate the newly-arrived Texas heat...and a question popped into my thoughts, soft, yet clear:What will this this summer mean to me in retrospect? It was quickly trailed by: What do I want to have learned by September 21st? With whom will ...
for all the dads you love-Read Between The Lines®

For All The Dads You Love

Daddy's day is on its way. If you're like me, and your papa has passed away, or isn’t a part of your life in the way you wish they were, this holiday can be a little hard on the heart.⁠ A great counselor once told me that God will never, EVER leave you without what you need, if you'll keep your ...
'heavenly' new hue-Read Between The Lines®

'Heavenly' New Hue

I remember when the expression ‘God, I Don’t Get This. But You’ve Got This.’ came to me - I was in the living room of my former home, and it was instantly a good feeling - the best expressions always have that wash of happiness that comes with them. It’s as if I can suddenly take a really deep br...
the cutest caffeine we've ever seen.-Read Between The Lines®

the cutest caffeine we've ever seen.

Guys, it's coffee time. New pour over sets from Copper Cow Coffee are here, and they're our new favorite treat!This women-owned, sustainably sourced brand of java goodness gives us all the good juju with high-quality goods AND beautiful packaging.You'll find five best-selling flavors of this fine...
the need for a nook.-Read Between The Lines®

the need for a nook.

I think the thing about Sunday’s (and maybe, yeah, everyday) is slowing down - even full stop - to appreciate what we have. For me this morning, it’s a kitchen nook. And vegetables. I love giving them little dishes to live in and feel special. I believe my sweet friend Claudia taught me to do t...


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