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an intentional, unforgettable summer-Read Between The Lines®

an intentional, unforgettable summer

I peered out on my garden, each of us struggling to accommodate the newly-arrived Texas heat...and a question popped into my thoughts, soft, yet clear:What will this this summer mean to me in retrospect? It was quickly trailed by: What do I want to have learned by September 21st? With whom will ...
for all the dads you love-Read Between The Lines®

for all the dads you love

Daddy's day is on its way. If you're like me, and your papa has passed away, or isn’t a part of your life in the way you wish they were, this holiday can be a little hard on the heart.⁠ A great counselor once told me that God will never, EVER leave you without what you need, if you'll keep your ...
'heavenly' new hue-Read Between The Lines®

'heavenly' new hue

I remember when the expression ‘God, I Don’t Get This. But You’ve Got This.’ came to me - I was in the living room of my former home, and it was instantly a good feeling - the best expressions always have that wash of happiness that comes with them. It’s as if I can suddenly take a really deep br...
the cutest caffeine we've ever seen.-Read Between The Lines®

the cutest caffeine we've ever seen.

Guys, it's coffee time. New pour over sets from Copper Cow Coffee are here, and they're our new favorite treat!This women-owned, sustainably sourced brand of java goodness gives us all the good juju with high-quality goods AND beautiful packaging.You'll find five best-selling flavors of this fine...
the need for a nook.-Read Between The Lines®

the need for a nook.

I think the thing about Sunday’s (and maybe, yeah, everyday) is slowing down - even full stop - to appreciate what we have. For me this morning, it’s a kitchen nook. And vegetables. I love giving them little dishes to live in and feel special. I believe my sweet friend Claudia taught me to do t...
we weren't meant to be so busy.-Read Between The Lines®

we weren't meant to be so busy.

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast the other day, and she spoke about the importance of being still on the INSIDE - that if we'll focus on that, we’ll never wear out, no matter how busy we are on the OUTSIDE. I loved that. 😊⁠Whether you’re running errands, working on your dream, or spendin...


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