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  • Hi, Friends!

    Sorry to have been away so long. I got caught up in perfectionism with writing - you know - that gross abyss we all slog through from time to time.


    It might be your PowerPoint presentation for work, a speech you're giving, or a conversation you want to have with someone. The desire for perfection can be such a dream killer and staller of your own honesty and experience.

    I remembered this weekend the goal of this blog is to SHARE WHAT I LOVE, so that you can hopefully FIND WHAT YOU LOVE with more joy and ease than ever. And to have fun. Sooo...let's do that!

    Following are some of my top Mother's Day greeting card picks you can scoop up in both our Dallas store and online shop - it's my goal you find in our selection for this holiday something just right for the moms in your life who nurture or inspire you - be they your own mother, step-mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, 'like-a-mom' or mentor who 'mom's' you just right. : )

    They are also a blast for friends who have a babe on the way!

    ('Everyone Wishes You Were Their Mom greeting card by Read Between The Lines®)

    First up is a favorite of mine from our line (Read Between The Lines®). This card was a finalist in the annual Louie Awards in NYC (the Greeting Card Association's 'Oscars'). It was an epic honor and treat for it to be nominated!

    I wrote 'Everyone Wishes You Were Their Mom' whilst thinking of mothers who work so hard at making their kids' lives great - they're loving, supportive, creative, fun, tough-when-they-need-to be, admit mistakes, show up time and again for their kids and provide a faithful, listening ear.

    This greeting card is printed with love, by hand, on a vintage letterpress in gorgeous fuschia foil stamp in Dallas, Texas. It shimmers and POPS in person, and is available to order right here. We print on archival-quality paper, so this card is worthy of a sweet frame, as it will last for years. Just $6.00. Hurray!


    ('I Will Always Need My Mama' greeting card by MOGLEA)

    This brand-spanking-new Mother's Day card is designed by MOGLEA's incredibly gifted founder and artist, Ms. Meg Gleason.

    It had me from the moment I saw first saw it. Why? At 45, I still call my mom for feedback on creative ideas, ask her about big decisions and shriek into the phone to her when something great happens. She is permanently needed. And if your mom is, too, this card is a G-R-E-A-T way to tell her!

    MOGLEA goods are consistently stunning and special and YUM, and you will love (love!) to give this special card. Order online right here. This one will sell out, so please get to gettin' so you won't be broken-hearted! : )

    P. S.: Click here to see more of our selection of gor-geee-us MOGLEA paper goods, including her new amazing notepads (eep!).


    ('Mom Stars' greeting card by E. Frances Paper)

    Maker E. Frances Paper swept me into an illustration/design love fest when I first spied the line in a lovely home interiors shop in Maine. THIS CARD nearly did me in.

    I bought a BUNCH of E. Frances Paper for the shop, and, of course, included was this classic, ethereal and 100% lovely Mother's Day card that reads 'Wherever We Are - We're Together.'

    Really, though, it's good for sending anytime you want your mama to sit down, happily sigh and think of you. If she sends you cookies in response, remember that s-h-a-r-i-n-g i-s c-a-r-i-n-g (cough, cough) and we love carbs at the office.

    To see more gorgeous watercolor-y paper goods in our shop from E. Frances Paper, click here


    ('Best Mama Ever' greeting card by Allie Biddle)

    Allie Biddle is a local Dallas artist who radiates light and the most special spirit - I first met her at the FleaStyle's Summit last year, and could not get oooover the level of talent and originality of her work. It's really coming from a good place, and she is really gonna go places. I can totally see Allie writing a special book for the cool cats at Chronicle.

    Her Mother's and (matching) Father's Day cards this year, featuring her trademark hand-stitching, are just too good to be true. These babies are gonna floor the people you give them to. Allie's work is always worthy of a frame, so feel free to pop this card in one that suits your mama and she'll have a special keepsake forever-forever-ever.

    The awesome Allie also teaches the coolest embroidery classes for normal people like me. We're hosting one in our shop this month, in which Allie will be teaching hand-embroidery of flowers! Click here for a full list of upcoming events at our Flagship store, and links to register!


    ('Mom I Love You' greeting card by Fugu Fugu Press)

    I'm a permanent fan of the amazing, authentic illustration and letterpress work of Fugu Fugu Press. It always feels fresh, modern and warm. You can just sense the artist behind it, and isn't that a kick?

    Am in love with this new Mother's Day card from Ken and Shino, the founders of fabulous Fugu. They are two of the most huggable, adorable people. I almost knocked them down with hugs when I met them for the first time last year at the National Stationery Show. And you're gonna f-r-e-a-k over their fabulous paper and letterpress quality. Mmmm!

    Click here to order. And here to see the matching Father's Day version. Eep! : )


    ('Parenting Shortcomings' by Emily McDowell)

    Ok - one last one, from the Goddess of Funny, Smart, Awesome and Honest - Ms. Emily McDowell! 'Parenting Shortcomings' features a right-on and heartwarming sentiment of appreciation, killer color and the boom-boom-boom of 'nailed it!' that generates the 'awwwwww' in any mom.

    If your daddy is struggling with what to get your mom for Mother's Day - this card is a most excellent choice! (Along with maybe this keepsake book or this insanely fresh candle from our Mother's Day gift selection. Woot!

    Ok, friends. Hope this is helpful. Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14th - please order by Tuesday at noon CST to avoid rush shipping or panic-time-stress! : )

    Click here to view our entire collection of Mother's Day cards, or here to shop all cards and gifts your mama will love.

    Let us know how we can be of help to you - we love being of assistance! - and thanks so much for reading.

    And if you, like me, struggle with perfectionism on the regular, save this little image to your desktop:




    Melinda Jones, Founder & Creative Director

    Read Between The Lines®







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    If you haven’t already heard, pizza was rumored a vegetable by Congress back in 2011. Whether or not that’s true…I’m going to go ahead and add it to my personal food pyramid. It’s a food most have grown to love, and I’m not sure I could live without it. 

    You may assume that Dallas is known for BBQ, and maybe we are, but in my opinion, our pizza joints have proven to outshine even the eateries of New York or Chicago.

    I compiled a list of my Top 3 favorite Dallas restaurants that serve up a pizza pie that’s something fierce:

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