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Pasta et Al

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Alec Morris was taught how to cook fresh pasta by his Nonna as a child, and now carries on the tradition every Sunday with his young sons, Aldo and Elio. The weekly family ritual became a successful blog, which grew into an international community drawn together by an irresistible blend of recipes served with a pinch of humor, plenty of heart, and some delightfully meddling little hands.
Join Al, Al and El and discover how to make over thirty different pasta doughs and five different pasta shapes – long, short, big and flat, small and squishy, and filled – with step-by-step tutorials and a range of delicious recipes from fazzoletti al forno to green lasagna, agnolotti del plin and nduja tortelli.
This vividly photographed, brilliantly written guide is a snapshot of love and loss, old traditions and new beginnings, and treasured Italian cooking. Pasta et Al will inspire new and seasoned pasta-makers alike to create memorable traditions of their own.

  • Hardcover
  • 8" x 10"
  • 240 pages

Pasta et Al by Alec Morris