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  1. Old And Hot Card by RBTL® A2OLGA / A2OLGA-BX
  2. Babe Card by RBTL® A2BABA / A2BABA-BX
  3. Better Mama Card by RBTL® A2BMWA / A2BMWA-BX
  4. Marvelous Mamacita Card by RBTL® A2MAGB / A2MAGB-BX
  5. You're The Best And The Mostest Card by RBTL
  6. Even When We're Old You'll Be Supah Hot Card by RBTL® A2SHPA / A2SHPA-BX
  7. I Don't Ever Want To Forget How Good All This Feels Card by RBTL® A2DECG / A2DECG-BX
  8. Better Dad Card by RBTL® A2BDSA / A2BDSA-BX
  9. Always Mom Card by RBTL® GC508 / GC508-BX
  10. Being Around Card by RBTL® GC529 / GC529-BX
  11. Such An Idiot Card-Read Between The Lines®
  12. Whole Heart Card by RBTL® GC527 / GC527-BX