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  • The newlywed cookbook

The Newlywed Cookbook

This cookbook is an indispensable reference for modern couples looking to spend quality time together in the kitchen. Inside are more than 130 recipes for both classic and contemporary cooking that are perfect for day-to-day à deux and special occasions with family and friends. More than a collection of recipes, The Newlywed Cookbook is also a guide to domestic bliss. Author Sarah Copeland, a newlywed herself, knows that sourcing, cooking—as well as sharing food together at the table—makes for a happy couple! This beautiful and sophisticated contemporary cookbook is the new go-to for brides and grooms.

  • 8.5" x 10"
  • 304 pages
  • Hardcover 
  • December 2011 

The Newlywed Cookbook

Get to Know the Author: Sarah Copeland

Sarah Copeland is a New York City-based writer, food expert, urban gardener and curator of good living. Her recipes and articles have appeared in national magazines such as The Food Network Magazine, Real Simple, Saveur and Fitness. Sarah believes that Edible Living begins with locally sourced ingredients and an appetite for life. She finds inspiration in homegrown veggies, stinky cheeses, chocolate cake and feasts with her husband, András and their new addition, Greta. Read more about her food adventures at

Get to Know the Photographer: Sara Remington

Sara Remington is a San Francisco–based food and lifestyle photographer. Other Chronicle Books cookbooks featuring her photography include D.I.Y. Delicious and Vino Argentino.