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600 Cocktail Recipes From Around The World

This definitive cocktail recipe book for the home bartender includes 610 cocktail recipes from 6 continents and 60 countries, spanning 500 years. With most cocktails only including three or four ingredients, there is something for novice drink-makers and expert bartenders alike.

Drinks range from renowned iconic classics to lesser-known regional specialties to influential bespoke drinks — each reflecting the era, location, or bar that inspired it. In this book, you will also learn how to set up your home bar, with advice on bar tools, glassware, syrups, garnishes, and more.

Spirited is organized by cocktail style, with notes on the country of origin, the era of invention, and infographic icons showcase ingredients and low alcohol-by-volume (ABV). Each recipe also includes a short text providing fascinating historical and cultural information about the drink. Essays are interspersed throughout, with topics ranging from the history of the cocktail, the culture surrounding aperitivo beverages, among others. A comprehensive index by spirit and ingredient is located at the end of the volume.

  • Hardcover
  • Size: 7.38" x 1.38" x 10.88"
  • 432 pages
  • Published by Phaidon
  • Written by Adrienne Stillman

Spirited: 600 Cocktail Recipes From Around The World by Adrienne Stillman